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In today's scenario, conscious society is obsessed with skinny figures. There are hardly any people who aim for weight gain. But some bestowed with a high metabolism and stuck with a lanky stick figure are trying too hard to put it on. Weight gain is especially a target for those who are underweight. Underweight is the term for those, who are not within a healthy weight range and have a less body fat than required for their well being. Some are underweight probably due to poor nutrition intake, or they have some health issue. There might also be some psychological issues due to which people have been underweight. But it is not restricted only to these. There can be many other reasons of people being underweight. 

Some build their body mass for some sports while some gain their weight as they are probably recovering from their illness.  While most people simply say ‘eat more to gain’, it’s not that easy.  Low body weight is also harmful to your body and causes serious health problems especially in women. It can cause organ damage and can hamper your menstrual cycle. If you are one amongst the rare ones stuck with high metabolic rate, you can surely understand the pain. Eating food is surely the solution. But just for gaining some pounds, you cannot fall into the trap of unhealthy junk food. Diet full of calories and no nutritional benefits may help you gain kilos but will do no good to your body. Apart from increasing weight, many junk food is also a call for many problems, like an increase in cholesterol problem. You need to bulge the scale, but in a healthier way, so that it doesn’t harm your body in near future.

For this, you need to consume better and healthy weight gain foods. The major calculation for weight increase will be to consume more calories than you burn. Simple enough to understand! So if you want to gain, you need to find the foods that are high in calories and laden with several nutritional components that will nourish your body. Eat regularly. Make sure your three meals a day are laden with high carbs and healthy fats. Don't drink water just before eating your food, as it might make your stomach full and then you might consume less food.  Start consuming lots of carbs and foods with healthy fats.Also, don’t forget the virtuous protein. Being building blocks of the body, they are essential for your body. It will help you gain muscle weight instead of just fat weight. In short, eat nutritious and healthy in an amount that is desired. Also, work out. Exercise might help in keeping your appetite back.  

Our special array of healthy foods to gain weight will help you gain pounds without compromising on your health. These are specially built to gain the mass in a healthier way. Our array of foods for gaining weight includes Protein powder,  Apricots, Granola Bar, Soybean , Prune juice, Peanut Butter, peanuts,  and much more. These products are designed especially as weight gain foods, yet they avoid buildup of unhealthy fats that can hamper your body. Add few of these products to your healthy diet and increase some pounds without compromising on your health. These are healthy yet tasty enough to gratify your taste buds and help you attend satiety.

Before diving into cokes and shakes or consuming those cheesy pizzas, to gain those pounds, try some of our healthy products. In a hunger to bump the scale, don’t  forget to look healthy and not outsized or corpulent.