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Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. It extremely powerful nutrient required to protect your cells and tissues from damage caused from free radicals and toxins such as air pollutants. Immunity is naturally enhanced when this nutrient is consumed. It is a necessary vitamin to ensure smooth muscle functioning and maintains healthy skeletal and cardiac muscle. It is also vital nutrient in the formation of RBC and helps maintain optimum sources of iron and selenium. It also prevents eye damage related to diabetes. It plays a key role in protecting brain membranes and boosts brain health. It is also important for producing hormone-like substances – prostaglandins. Some people believe that this nutrient has anti-aging properties and can boost skin health. Some scientist claims that this nutrient is essential to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Adults require 15 mg of this nutrient, and breastfeeding women should have at least 19 mg. Children below 14 years should have at least 11 mg of this nutrient. Vitamin E deficiency is quite uncommon. But the people with fat related disorder face its deficit. Premature and low weight babies are more vulnerable to its deficit. The only way to provide this nutrient is by Vitamin E Rich Foods. Deficiency symptoms include impairment of immune response, anemia ataxia, nerve damage and peripheral neuro problems.

Our category of Vitamin E rich foods include Hazelnuts , sunflower seeds, sunflower oil etc. We also have certain Vitamin E supplements that ensure that proper amount of daily nutrient are provided to your body.  Benefits of this nutrient can be reduced by cooking, so ensure that you consume these foods in less cooked and fresh forms. All these foods and supplements can help bring many health benefits to your body.

Get youthful, flawless skin and enhanced immunity by including this Vitamin E rich foods in your diet.