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Inlife Vitamin D3 Capsule (1000 IU)

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Ingredients: Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Coconut Oil, Vitamin E (Stabiliser), Banding Solution: Ge.....

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Vitamin D, popular as a vitamin that you take from sun rays, is essential for proper maintenance and growth of your body. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is most researched, yet most debatable nutrient. This vitamin is actually a hormone. This is a long-known fact of this nutrient that one can get it formed endogenously from sunlight when the rays of the sun strike the skin, commonly heard in every household. But sunlight doesn’t have the monopoly to this nutrient and you don’t need to be petrified during winter mornings when the sunlight fails to properly reach your body. In some countries, we hardly are able to get proper sunlight and too difficult to get it all seasons. It can also be taken other ways. There are certain Vitamin D foods and supplements that can provide essential amount of nutrient to your body.  

Also known as calcidiol, it promoted calcium absorption and thus aids in maintaining optimum mineral bone density. It is required for proper growth of bones and also can help prevent bone weaknesses or osteoporosis. It also reduces inflammation, aids in apoptosis and regulates healthy cell growth. It is involved in maturation of white blood corpuscles, hence is a nutrient to enhance your immunity. It can also protect you from infections or cold and combat depression. Deficiency of this nutrient is rare and if happened, is often unnoticed. Deficiency of this nutrient can lead to brittle and thin bone, cause rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. 

The quantity of this Vitamin is generally measured in International Units. It is a crucial nutrient especially for children (For infants 400 I.U. and for children, 600 I.U. is the recommended intake). Adults should also take in recommended amount (19 to 50 years old: 600 I.U., 70 years and older: 800 I.U. and pregnant and breastfeeding females shall consume 600 I.U.). Vegans and non-meat eaters need to resort to supplements for gaining an appropriate amount of this nutrient. Since we can’t entirely depend on the sun, especially in such a polluted environment and when most of the chores are inside in a single room often devoid of enough rich sunlight. If you think you are a deficit of this nutrient, you need to watch your plate and also add certain dietary supplements.

Our category of Vitamin D rich foods includes Tuna Chilli and certain dietary supplements such as cod liver oil tablets and much more. These tablets can provide your body with essential nutrient. Now, neither you need to stand in the sun for hours to get this nutrient nor worry about winter mornings, our range of foods will suffice your need of this vitamin. People with obesity need more of this nutrient.

Add Vitamin D foods and supplements to your healthy diet and get the sunshine vitamin in a tastier and assured way.