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Out Of Stock Conscious Organic Chick Peas (Kabuli Chana) 500gm Quick View

Chickpeas is a legume native to India and is an oldest cultivated bean, consumed since 5,400 B.C. It.....

Vitamin B9 is commonly known as folic acid. It is a nutrient imperative for proper brain and body health. It is the only vitamin that increases appetite. It is long known for helping in the production  of messaging molecules that are used by nerves to transfer signal throughout the body. Adequate dietary folate is essential for maintain proper levels of homocysteine in the blood and lowering the risk of heart problems. Folate is an important nutrient for the production of RBC.  It has also shown remarkable property of eradicating the chances of cervical and stomach cancer. Proper folate intake prior to pregnancy can considerably reduce the risk of birth defects related to neural tube. Some studies also claim that folic acid aids in prevention and cure of mental problems such as depression.

Lack of this essential nutrient can lead to several problems such as loss of appetite, mental lethargy, inflammation of the tongue, irritability etc. It can also lead to depression and infertility. Long term deficiency can lead to anemia. In pregnant women, a deficit of folic acid can lead to neural tube birth defects. In most of the case reported, deficiency is caused by alcoholism, malabsorption problems, and certain medicines. Since the vitamin is water soluble, it is essential that it is included in your regular healthy diet. 

Our category of Vitamin B9 foods includes Orange marmalade, dried papaya, asparagus etc. Vitamin B9 foods will ensure that your daily intake of folate is sufficed without any compromise with taste. These foods will ensure a healthy pregnancy, maintain heart health, aid in the proper development of brain and body, prevent mental problems and avoid cancer.

Include Vitamin B9 foods in your daily diet for optimum functioning of body and brain.