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Vitamin B7 is also known as Biotin. It is a nutrient that has undergone several name changes and hence though being the nutrient of  B family, it is many times referred as H vitamin. Like any other vitamin, it has its own share in improving health. The health benefits include improved metabolic rate, maintaining healthy tissue, synthesis of vital components etc. It was earlier considered as a catalyst that aids in many metabolic reactions like protein and fats synthesis. It is a component that keeps your skin and nails healthy and revives the skin color pigmented due to pollution. This nutrient also helps in growth and repair of tissue and ensures optimal functioning of vital tissues including nervous tissue. It also aids in preventing crucial cardiovascular problems such as stroke, high blood pressure etc. It is proven that this nutrient maintains optimum blood sugar levels and can hence be extremely beneficial to diabetic people with fluctuating sugar levels.

Deficiency of this vitamin is rare, but can result in a dry scalp, fatigue, muscle pain and even depression. The most serious of all is neurological problems in infants. Often pregnant women suffer from its deficiency which can lead to certain birth defects. Due to its water solubility, it is not stored in the body. Hence, need to be replenished on daily basis. The best way to replenish it is by including Vitamin B7 foods in your everyday diet.

Our category of Vitamin B7 rich foods includes Almonds, Raspberry, and Pomegranate juice. We also have certain supplements such as brewer’s yeast which can help you replenish biotin easily. If you are pregnant or lactating, you need to particularly watch over biotin intake and include these foods in your diet. If you are diabetic patient, including these Vitamin B7 rich foods will help you control the fluctuating sugar levels. 

Include these Vitamin B7 rich foods in your diet to maintain the youthfulness and beauty of your body.