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Vitamin B6 also called pyridoxine is a water soluble vitamin. It is involved in the process of serotonin and norepinephrine production. These chemicals are vital for transmitting signals to the brain.  It is also involved in the formation of myelin which is a protein layer that is formed around nerve cells. It is vital for proper normal brain development and functioning. It helps in keeping your mind and body calm. It helps your body use and store energy from the Vitamin b6 rich foods. It helps the body combat infections and fosters the growth of red blood cells. It lowers stress, addresses PMS symptoms, soothes depression and reduces the risk of dental cavities. It is often used with Vitamin B12  to treat high homocysteine levels. This nutrient has an ability to shield DNA from tumor causing damage. Some scientists claim that this nutrient can fight lung cancer even in smokers.

Mild deficiency of this vitamin is common, especially in chronic alcoholics. If an adult faced its deficit, it can lead to several health problems related to nerves, skin, circulatory system and mucous membrane. In children, it can affect central nervous system. This nutrient is responsible for proper communication in between the cells, hence, its deficiency can cause loss of memory. Some symptoms of its deficiency are cracked lips, inflamed tongue, dermatitis, depression and insomnia.  It is a water-soluble nutrient, hence is flushed out of your body on daily basis. Our body requires a daily supply of this nutrient to avoid its deficit. There are many natural sources of this vitamin. The best way to avoid its deficiency is by including Vitamin B6 rich foods in your diet

Our category of Vitamin B6 rich foods contains pitted prunes, bamboo rice, oatmeal banana cereal, turmeric powder etc. These foods can be easily included in your healthy diet.

Include these Vitamin B6 rich foods to ensure proper functioning of body and mind.