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Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is a precursor to coenzymes involved in the growth and repair of skin and ti.....

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Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is from the family of vitamin B. All the V vitamins including this are water soluble. We take this Vitamin from a diet. One of the major function of this nutrient is energy production. It is involved in metabolism and is necessary for healthy liver, skin, eyes and hair. It also helps in proper functioning of nervous system. Besides this, it also works as an antioxidant and combats harmful free radicals in the body. Free radicals can damage the cell and lead to aging. These antioxidants combat them and hence prevent the damage. It is an essential nutrient required for proper development of skin, digestive tract lining, blood cell and several other parts. Riboflavin is also essential to change B6 in a usable form and promotes metabolism of iron.

While deficiency of this nutrient is rare as people with balanced diet get enough of this vitamin, some aged people and alcoholics may still be at the risk. Poor diet can cause its deficiency since the only source of this Vitamin is food. This deficiency can also strike the adolescent especially the girls who control their diet, reduce intake of dairy products and fruits and vegetables. Never control your diet so much that it leads to a deficiency of some nutrient can cause the problem to your body. Deficiency of riboflavin can lead to mouth ulcers, reddening of lips, anemia, weakness and hypersensitivity to light. Without the adequate amount of intake of this essential nutrient, you are at a higher risk of developing certain cancers, cataracts and heart diseases. Like all vitamins, it should also be provided to the body in required quantities for overall health and wellness. 

The best way to avoid or counter the deficiency of this Vitamin is to include Vitamin B2 rich foods in your daily diet. Our category of healthy foods includes almonds, mushrooms, sesame, soybeans and also nutritional supplements. Some of the products are purely vegetarian, hence,this is the advantage for vegans and vegetarians that they can get it easily. Since it is water soluble nutrient, it should be consumed by our body on a daily basis, in order to meet the daily requirement. It is best absorbed when taken in between the meals, hence the products can be included in your healthy snack time. These foods are not difficult to be included in your diet. No drastic changes are required and they can fit well in your daily diet. Apart from providing the body with the essential nutrient, they can also work wonders on your health.

Include these Vitamin B2 rich healthy foods on your daily plate to enhance your health at the cellular level.