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Vitamin B1, also called Thiamine, is also an essential nutrient of the vitamin family.  But have you really ever wondered about this nutrient? This is one of the ignored nutrients, only given importance in the science lecture while we were required to rapt all the nutrient names. This nutrient is essential for proper functioning of the body. Being water soluble in nature, it is required that your daily diet has some portion of this element. It is found in many food products like yeast, beans, meat, nuts and cereal grains. You often get it in many multivitamin capsules. 

This nutrient can't be ignored. The deficiency of this nutrient is uncommon, but the serious processing of foods leads to the loss of this essential component. It is the element that is easily washed away in processing, hence with the growth of processed foods, its deficiency is worrying nutritionist all over the globe. It is an anti-nerve inflammation factor and is also known as the anti-stress nutrient. Deficiency of this vitamin B1 can lead to complete degeneration of the body especially of nervous, circulatory system and people can face trouble digesting carbohydrates. Fatigue, Nausea, and even depression are the common symptoms of this deficiency. Serious deficiency can lead to syndromes like beriberi and /or Wernicke- Korsakoff . Eventually, the serious deficiency can lead to death. Deficiency of Thiamine is common in alcoholics.

Thiamine supplements are used not just in its deficiency, but also for solving digestive problems and boosting immunity. It is also possibly effective for the people with cataract, kidney problems in diabetic people and painful menstruation. The body needs it to use carbohydrates properly. Check out the foods that you take along with thiamine as chemicals in them might destroy it. 

The best way to get your ideal intake is by incorporating certain foods into your diet. Since it is eliminated in urine, Vitamin B1 rich foods should be included in your daily diet. Our category of Vitamin B1 rich foods includes several foods that are naturally enriched with this vital nutrient. Our products are as close to nature as possible; Some are minimally processed so that the nutrient is not washed away.  Also, certain dietary supplements are available which will help you in getting the proper amount of this element in your body. Our array of products includes asparagus, barley flour, dried pineapple, dried pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, flax seeds, certain tablets and much more. These foods ensure that the essential nutrient is provided in precise quantity and are simple enough to be included in your daily diet.

Include these thiamine-rich foods in your daily diet to make your health better and immunity stronger. Relieve the stress and give a natural boost to your nervous system by including these simple vitamin B1 rich foods in your diet.