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Out Of Stock Taj Mahal Saffron 1gm Quick View

Taj Mahal Saffron 1gm

Taj Mahal


Saffron is a plant. The like parts of the flower known as dried stigmas are used to make the saffron.....

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True Elements Quinoa 500gm

True Elements

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True Elements Quinoa 1kg

True Elements

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Quinoa is often called world’s popular healthy food option, often quoted as “super food”. It is glut.....

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True Elements Dried Cranberries 150gm

True Elements

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Dried cherries make for a flavorful addition to your diet. They provide fuel you need to get through.....

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Chickpeas is a legume native to India and is an oldest cultivated bean, consumed since 5,400 B.C. It.....

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Charminar Brand Saffron 1Gm

Charminar Brand


Nature has provided us with several priceless gifts which are very beneficial for the body and enhan.....

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Borges California Walnuts 90gm


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Borges California Walnuts are cultivated in the fertile and lush soils of California's Central Valle.....

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There's an old adage related to pregnancy: ‘ Eat for two.’ While it is not totally correct, but we cannot ignore the fact that the nutritional needs increase during pregnancy. Your body goes through numerous changes during pregnancy. A good nutrition is essential for you and your baby. The way you nurture your body at the time of pregnancy affects the health of you and your baby.

That surely doesn’t mean that you gorge on anything and everything .You must eat healthy and balanced diet.  There's actually no magic formula of a healthy diet during this time. It is just that you eat healthily and have loads of essential nutrients. The food you need is the major source of nourishment for the baby, hence, it is critical to watch what you eat. Proper nutrition can promote a healthy pregnancy and can prevent birth defects. It is vital maintaining appropriate weight during pregnancy. You are sure to gain weight during this period, but it should be in a healthier way. You require more micronutrient and macronutrient to support healthy birth. Micronutrients are dietary components requires in comparatively smaller amounts such as vitamins and mineral. Macronutrients, on the other hand, are required in a larger amount for providing energy. These includes fat, carbs and proteins. You need to consume more of each type of nutrient during this period.

A few nutrients and foods deserve special attention for a healthy motherhood. It is recommended to consume lots of whole grains in the second trimester to meet the growing energy need . The need of iron rises during this period, hence, you should consume iron rich food during pregnancy. Healthy fats help build many fetal organs. Folic acid is to be vital to prevent major birth defects of the baby’s brain and neural tube. Extra iron is required to help the body produce excess blood to supply oxygen to the baby. Vitamin D and calcium can help build bones and teeth of the baby. It is also essential for healthy skin and eyes.

Your body will not function properly if any of these nutrients is missing. Even your child’s body will suffer from certain growth defects. Therefore, choose wisely while eating. Whenever possible, choose natural, organic or less processed foods over processed junks. The junks will do no good to your body. It doesn’t mean to completely avert your favorite junk food, cause you may develop a craving for same during this period. But you need to balance it with a right amount of nutritious food.

Our category of food during pregnancy provides an array of foods that can help provide essential nutrients for you and your child’s health. Our list of foods includes quinoa, oats, cranberries, cherries, walnuts and much more.You must remember that these foods cannot substitute your healthy diet, but can be added to your diet for additional nutrition.

Include this food during pregnancy in your daily diet to ensure that you satisfy your and your child’s nutritional needs during pregnancy.