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In Stock Meghsons Jamun Chips 80gm Quick View

Meghsons Jamun Chips are made from luscious, nutritious, royal purple Jamun Pulp, which is renowned .....

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In Stock 7% off Meghsons Jamun Chips 80gm Pack of 3 Quick View

Meghsons Jamun Chips are made from luscious, nutritious, royal purple Jamun Pulp, which is reno.....

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The crackers with the host of health benefits as well as the goodness of taste. The whole meals are .....

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Rosemary is a herb traditionally used in the Italian cuisine. It has a strong aromatic and astringen.....

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In Stock Fine Cheese Natural Crackers 150gm Quick View

Natural crackers are known to have the buttery and delicate taste. They partner well for the mild an.....

In Stock Fine Cheese Fennel Crackers 150gm Quick View

Fennel is known to be one of the most aromatic and strong flavoured herb. Fennel is used for culinar.....

In Stock Fine Cheese English Crackers 100gm Quick View

The Fine English crackers have a delicate taste and crumbly texture. This all buttery cracker makes .....

In Stock Fine Cheese Chive Crackers 150gm Quick View

Chives are the smallest species of the edible onion, for ages it has been used for its superior herb.....

In Stock Fine Cheese Celery Crackers 150gm Quick View

Celery is a type of plant used as a vegetable. Celery is a low calorie, high fiber vegetable. Hence .....

In Stock Fine Cheese Basil Crackers 150gm Quick View

Basil is a traditional Indian herb used in Ayurveda medicines for ages now. Basil is being used to e.....

In Stock Diet Foods soya manchurian sticks (Garlic) 150gm Quick View

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In Stock Diet Foods soya Corn Chips 150gm Quick View

Diet Foods Soya Corn Chips is a premium product made from two extremely healthy ingredients i.e. Soy.....

In Stock Diet Foods Corn Schezwan Triangle 200gm Quick View

Schezwan taste is one of the most desired and loved taste. Diet Foods Corn Schezwan Triangles has pe.....

In Stock Charcoal Crackers Quick View

The specialty of Charcoal Cracker is that it is made with the stone-ground flour from England. The c.....

While most of the people often are wondering constantly whether to nosh or not to nosh, nutritionist says that consuming snacks are vital for a healthy lifestyle. But there are rules of the snacking game. You need to eat healthy foods so that you can stave off hunger and stay healthy. Chips and crisps are one such Healthy food option.

Chips and Crisps is considered mostly unhealthy. But there are several varieties of chips made from healthier ingredients that can be a part of your healthy snacking. They are made from nutritional ingredients and have a perfect balance of health and taste. These are a healthy savory addition to your healthy diet. They are flavorful, light and crispy, perfect for munching.  

These healthy snacks are serious crowd pleasers, hence are a perfect for including in party time foods. They can be served directly or with dips and sauces of your choice. They are better snack option, better than the calorie filled party foods. They are better than the readily available store meals or restaurant junk food. They can satisfy your hunger and can keep you fuller for a longer time. It also reduces your excess calorie consumption while meals. These foods revolutionize our snacking experience and also are removing the tag of unhealthy that is often linked with the chips and crisp.

They are delicious, nutritious and travel-friendly snacks, that can be carried anywhere. These foods can easily fit in your bag or pocket so that you can eat them whenever you feel hungry. These crisps and chips are best suited for the snackoholics who often feel the guilt after gorging on snacks. While often chips are linked with weight gain, when cooked properly and consumed in proper quantities, they will not interfere much with your weight loss regime. In turn, they can help you lose weight by keeping you fuller for a longer period of time.

You can pack your bags, drawers, and shelves with these healthy crisp and chips, so that whenever an appetite emergency strikes, you can consume these delicious and crispy food products. These can keep you going for some time and can prevent further hunger cravings. They can also provide you certain nutrients vital for health. While nutrition and health are given importance, taste is not compromised, since we know that taste the essential element of snacking. These are not plain and flavorless; they are loaded with flavors of varied kinds. From spicy to salty to tangy, several flavors make sure that your taste buds are also gratified. Besides gratifying your hungry stomach, these chips also benefit your health and provide certain nutritional benefits. A handful of these snacks can increase your focus and can make you go through the tasks more efficiently. It boosts your brain health and can nurture mental capabilities. They can also sustain your energy levels and prevent sluggishness or feebleness experienced due to hunger.  They also help avoid eating less healthy or junk food.

You can shush your grumbling stomachs or power up your afternoon fatigue by consuming these healthy chips and crisps. These can be consumed anytime when hunger pangs trouble you. Kids often love these due to its distinct crispy texture and flavor. They readily gorge upon them; hence, these are an ideal food option to include some of the nutrition in your child’s diet. These are snacks, and cannot be a meal replacement, but they can surely complement your healthy diet. We have an array of healthy and delicious chips and crisp.

Nibble on this chips and crisp without a big slice of guilt.