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Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in our body. Your body needs this mineral for several functions such as repair of tissues, filtering waste etc. Deficiency of phosphorus is rare, In fact , it’s more common to have a problem of too much phosphorous in your body. However, certain health conditions such as alcoholism, diabetes or any medications such as antacids can cause its levels to drop down.

Phosphorous along with calcium is much needed for healthy bones. It also helps your muscles move properly and manage your body’s energy reserve. It is vital mineral for producing DNA and RNA and is involved in growth and repair of body’s cells and tissue. This mineral also helps in apt absorption of vital nutrients and hence, helps in maintaining the proper balance of nutrients in the body’s cells and tissue. This mineral also facilitates proper nerve conduction and muscle contraction.It maintains a regular heartbeat and reduces muscle pain after a strenuous workout and helps your body detox. Symptoms of its deficiency are fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, loss of appetite and poor bone development in kids. Too much phosphate can be toxic. It can lead to hardening of tissues, can affect your body’s ability to use other nutrients effectively and can even cause diarrhea. Typically, kidney patients suffer from this problems. Phosphrousneed to well maintained in your body to ensure proper functioning of the body. Too much or too low, both are fatal.

Phosphorus is naturally found in foods especially in protein rich foods. Our category of food rich in phosphorus includes several foods that can help maintain the optimum levels of this essential mineral in your diet. Our array of products includes Brazil Nut, White Oats, Mushroom, Soybean etc. Remember, if you are suffering from any kind of kidney problem, you need to limit the intake of food rich in phosphorus.

 Include this food rich in phosphorus in your diet and help your body maintain healthy muscles and flush excess toxins.