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When you think of dietary minerals, you probably think first of calcium or iron, but there a whole group of trace minerals beyond the mainstream minerals which are generally not well known, but are critical for the healthy lifestyle, though in very small amounts.One of these trace minerals is manganese. Underestimated in terms of essential mineral, this mineral is vital for health and wellness. Each adult requires 15-20 mg of dietary manganese stored in his or her body. This mineral is found in your bones, kidneys and pancreas. It helps the body form bone and connective tissue and is an important element of blood clotting. This mineral is a vital element in sex hormones and plays a role in fat metabolism, blood sugar maintenance, and calcium absorption. It also plays an important role in normal functioning of neurons and brain. It is also a major component of antioxidants which combats the free radicals.

Low level of manganese can lead to weak bones and injury that cannot be cured properly. It can even lead to infertility and weakness. While it is fairly easy to get enough of this mineral, but still experts say that many people do not get the recommended intake of manganese in their diet. It is a trace mineral that can help prevent osteoporosis when taken with the proper amount of calcium and zinc, It can also help reduce the inflammation in the joints and lower the risk of arthritis. In a clinical study, it was found that adequate amount of manganese can help reduce the PMS symptoms like mood swings and cramps. Proper levels of this mineral are vital for diabetic patients and those having seizure disorders.It also helps up in soaking up the vitamins and maintaining healthy digestive system.

Our category of manganese rich foods can help you get the daily intake of this mineral. Including these foods is a delicious way to get rid of deficiency and get a proper dose of this mineral. These foods can be easily added to your healthy diet without any dramatic changes in your dietary pattern. Along with fulfilling your body’s need of essential mineral, these manganese rich foods can also please your palate.

Include our manganese rich foods in your daily diet and fulfill your lack of essential minerals.