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Iron is an important mineral that is necessary for optimal functioning of the body. It plays an important role in making of your red blood cells. It is a major component of blood protein hemoglobin (a substance in your red blood cells), which is an essential protein for transport of oxygen and several nutrients to each and every cell of the body. Without red blood cells, your body cannot get oxygen in sufficient amount.This mineral enhances transport of oxygen and is necessary for proper metabolism for several organs. It also prevents energy slumps and prevents fatigue. Iron rich foods help to build your blood healthy and muscle strong. There are two types of this mineral: Heme and Non-Heme distinguished according to the source.

Though the importance of this nutrient is not unheard, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency especially in vegetarians, children and, pregnant women. The fall of this mineral levels reduces the hemoglobin in the blood. Its deficiency can cause anemia, fatigue, and drowsiness. It also decreases your immunity and can even cause premature baby delivery. Too little iron can also take away the glow of your skin and make you feel short of breath. Pronounced symptom of this deficiency includes brittle nails, restless leg and, irregular illness. Even you would take more time to recover post workout. Babies’ rapidly developing blood supply requires more of this essential mineral.  The consumption of this mineral also varies according to age and condition, such as pregnant women or a woman trying to conceive require more amount of this essential component than others. In childhood, both boys and girls need an equal amount of Iron. But when they grow up, an adequate amount of this iron is really essential for the girls as their menstrual period become heavier and regular. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women do need this nutrient most, in either diet form or supplement. Even significant blood loss after an accident or major surgery can lead to loss of this nutrient.

Iron rich foods are and should be an essential part of any diet. Our food list will help you increase your mineral intake, without gagging on any artificial or unhealthy method. There are many Iron Supplements available but Iron Rich Foods are the safest way to consume this important mineral. The foods on our list don’t lead to or ask for any dramatic change in your food pattern, they can simply be included in your daily healthy diet. Our array of products includes prune juice, sunflower seeds, bamboo rice, wheat pasta and much more. These foods can be a crucial part of vegan and vegetarians diet and should be included in the diet of pregnant women or children depending on their requirement.  

Pump some Iron in your diet by including these Iron rich foods, especially if you are expecting.