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Chromium is a mineral or in other words, an essential trace element that the body needs in small amounts for the proper functioning. Chromium is not much heard by many people as a mineral for the body but has received a lot of importance as a dietary supplement. It is a common mineral in the earth’s crust but was not acknowledged as essential till 1977. But it received its importance when abnormal glucose metabolism was easily reversed with its supplement. When taken in right quantities, it has immense health benefits. It helps in maintaining blood sugar level by improving the manner in which body uses insulin. But more studies are needed to know how it controls sugar level. It also plays a role in fat metabolism and reduces cholesterol levels. It is quite popular among bodybuilders and can sometimes be found in sports nutritional supplements. In athletes, it increases lean body mass and combats body fat. Some people also use it for weight loss. It is also an important mineral for insulin signaling. It is also vital to correct glucose intolerance and insulin sensitivity. This mineral may affect the eyes and can slow down the loss of calcium (an essential mineral), which can help maintain mineral bone density and prevent bone loss especially in menopausal women

Deficiency of this mineral is rare and not noted in any significant medical records. But its proper consumption is essential for healthy functioning of the body especially if you are diabetic or on weight loss regime.  Regular intake of chromium-rich foods as a dietary supplement may protect your heart from several diseases, can ward off infectious diseases and protect cell damage.

Food and nutritional supplements are the good sources of this mineral to take it. Our category of chromium-rich foods includes White Oats, black pepper, Barley and nutritional supplements. These foods ensure that proper amount of this mineral is provided to the body. These foods are essential to be added to your daily diet especially if you are glucose intolerant person.  Including these foods in your diet don’t require any significant dietary changes, they can be easily included in your healthy diet regime without much fuss. These are the easiest and safe way to provide your body with essential mineral. Add Vitamin C rich foods in your diet along with these foods, to ensure proper absorption of the mineral.

Include these chromium-rich foods in your diet and you can get closer to your lean muscles, fit body and also avert diabetes.