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Calcium is not a nutrient that is not known to anyone. It is the most abundant mineral. It is found in some foods. Dairy products are a good source of Calcium. Many good vegetable sources also exist. Its importance in our body is not groundbreaking news and often its intake is taken proper care of in children’s as well as adult’s diet. It is a mineral essential for development and proper functioning and strengthening of your bones and teeth. It plays many vital roles and is considered as a building block of the proper skeletal system. Almost every cell of your body needs this mineral. It is the nutrient that keeps you strong and regulates your heart’s rhythm.

If you do not get enough of this nutrient in your diet, your bones can get weakened and normal cell functioning will be hampered. Improper amount of this mineral can even lead to mood swings, anxiety, depression and problem in sleeping. The Proper dose of this mineral can postpone or sometimes avoid osteoporosis which is a common problem faced by elderly women, especially after menopause.  It is an essential mineral for every person irrespective of gender or age. It is also a component that boosts fat burning, thus aids in weight management.

While its importance is no alien to us, still even adults face a problem while remembering the name of calcium rich food. Your mother talked about this mineral for sure, but all she could do was adding milk in your diet. Undoubtedly, milk is a rich source of this bone-building nutrient, but it doesn’t hold a monopoly for the same. Especially when it comes to vegan diet or a diet of lactose intolerant persons, replacing milk with some other calcium-rich food is important. One must regularly take this mineral in their diet as per recommended for them. This recommendation varies with age and gender. Also, take care of its absorption. 

Our category of calcium rich food includes an array of products that boasts about being the rich source of this mineral. Our array of products includes ragi, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and even calcium supplements. Most of these foods do not contain even a drop of milk yet are enriched with the essential mineral, thus making them apt for vegan, lactose averse person or person who despise the taste of dairy products. 

Add these calcium-rich foods in your daily diet and make sure that you are not doomed to the brittle bones, especially if you don’t eat diary.