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In Stock Delmonte Pasta Foodcraft Penne Rigate, 1Kg Quick View

Del Monte’s Penne Rigate Pasta have a tubular shape which not only helps to hold coarse sauces well,.....

In Stock Venus Black Rice Noodles 250G (Tagliatelle Di Riso Nero Venere) Quick View

Venus Black Rice Noodles 250G (Tagliatelle Di Riso Nero Venere) .....

In Stock Rigatoni Rice Pasta 500G (Rigatoni) Quick View

Rigatoni Rice Pasta 500G (Rigatoni) .....

In Stock Radiatori Rice Pasta 500G (Radiatori) Quick View

Radiatori Rice Pasta 500G (Radiatori) .....

In Stock Fusilli Spelt Pasta 500G (Fusilli Di Farro) Quick View

Fusilli Spelt Pasta 500G (Fusilli Di Farro) .....

In Stock Del Monte Spirali Tricolor Pasta, 500gm Quick View

Del Monte’s Spirali Tri-Colour Pasta is a colorful & flavorful alternative to the good ol’ regul.....

In Stock Del Monte Spirali Pasta, 500gm Quick View

Spirali or Fusilli Pasta is the charming looking alternative to the regular pasta that we consume. E.....

In Stock Del Monte Spaghetti Pasta, 500gm Quick View

Pasta, a type of noodle and a staple in traditional Italian cuisine, is actually home made in Italy......

In Stock Sale Borges Spaghetti Durum Wheat Pasta 500gm Quick View

Borges Spaghetti Pasta is a long, thin, cylindrical pasta made using 100% organic semolina. Semolina.....

In Stock Sale Borges Penne Rigate Durum Wheat Pasta 500gm Quick View

Borges is one of the universally prominent producers of a diverse number of organic foods which are .....

In Stock Borges Mini Fusilli Durum Wheat Pasta 350gm Quick View

Borges Whole Wheat Fusilli Durum Pasta, made from 100% whole wheat is a healthier version of pasta. .....

In Stock Sale Borges Farfalle Durum Wheat Pasta 500gm Quick View

Borges Farfalle Durum Wheat Pasta is made with wholesome durum wheat semolina . This semolina is loa.....

In Stock Blue Elephants Pad Thai Noodles 500gm Quick View

Pad Thai noodles is an ethnic dish if Thailand prized with the perfect balance of four flavors- spic.....

Your favorite pasta and noodles are under fire. You may be following any diet, the pasta you love is on your diet buster list and how much you love it, you try to avoid it. Pasta is not the most nutritious food out there, for sure, it is a quick-acting carb that simply leads to an insulin rollercoaster that does nothing but set up space for more carving and increases your weight. But, it's too hard to forgo your pasta and noodles love  simply to lose weight. After, all it is the best comfort food. Luckily, after all, the critics from a nutritionist, food manufacturers, and health food lovers  have developed a new pasta and noodles game. Your favorite foods have just turned out to be healthier.

There are some healthier versions of pasta which are powerhouses in the nutritional arena. They can have more fiber than their plainer noodle and pasta cousin. You just need to adjust a little to the strong wheat flavor and a little darker brown color, rest all is the same. You can have your favorite foods if you be clever and snack smart. There are clever, low calorie, high fiber alternative that taste just like the real thing and can even gratify your food cravings.You can make it, even more, healthier by adding a healthier sauce or by simply adding some veggies to it. Your taste buds will seriously love them because of their flavor and your body will go crazy over them since they pack more nutrients than traditional noodles and are much easier to your waistline. Your desired waistline, don’t have to be a dream, just because you munch on these foods.So during your next pasta trip, reach for a healthier option, unlike the regular white one.

Our category of healthy pasta and noodles can provide you several options of nutritious foods that can satiate your food craving and even benefit your body. Pasta lovers, it doesn’t get better than this.No more guilt trips, you can satisfy a noodle fix, feel light, energized and healthy after eating these flavorful foods.

Whip up a pot or tasty, healthy pasta and noodles and start shedding some of those pounds.