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True Elements Spearmint Infusion Tea 100gm

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Are you suffering from PCO and worried about your weight? You must be surely interested in learning new diet strategies that will help you overcome this syndrome or avoid worsening it. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that prevents the ovaries from working properly. Symptoms of this disease include irregular menstrual cycle, reduced fertility, acne and weight problems. Typically women affected by this disease has larger ovaries than normal. Some studies suggest that this condition is largely associated with hormonal imbalances in the body. Similarly, though not always, many scientists have highlighted excess weight as a risk factor to this problem, since the women who weigh more have a higher risk of hormonal imbalance. Usually, a woman notices the symptoms of this syndrome in their late teens or early 20’s. Not all the women show same symptoms, such as some women may experience irregular periods whereas other may find excess body hair. Some of the women suffering from this syndrome may experience the condition of hirsutism and weight gain. Women suffering from this syndrome are at higher risk of diabetes.

Lifestyle and proper diet can help overcome this condition. This PCO diet is crucial in this condition especially for managing weight and insulin levels.Finding the right diet to tackle your PCOS is a highly individual and complex process as the underlying cause of this problem is different hormone levels and will vary from woman to woman. But still there is a certain basic diet that a woman can follow to avoiding worsening the situation. Diet low in glycemic index are to be included in this diet, even though you need not lose weight. If you are overweight, you need to focus on eating a proper healthy meal that will help in controlling weight. Diet rich in vitamin especially Vitamin D3 and B is highly recommended. Besides controlling your nutriment you need to eat regularly, but not that frequently. Spacing your meals is very important, so you need to have the meal that will promote satiety. Also, there are certain products that help in curing in the hormonal imbalance. Such food for PCOs should be included in your diet. Along with diet, proper exercise is also vital for managing PCO.

For managing This disease you need to rethink on your relation with food. Some women use the meal as a reward  for certain goal achievement or for any kind of emotional solace when they feel lonely. Other women live for their beloved restaurant or simply to spend some good family or friends time. On this diet, you need to reframe your thinking and certainly not have an unhealthy relation with your food like starving or binge eating. You need to choose food for PCOs that nourish your body rather than ones who add more pounds. Instead of party, junk and comfort eatables, you need to choose nutrient dense diet.

Our range of food for PCOs include foods that can help control your condition and particularly prevent it from worsening. Our range of products in PCO diet includes Spearmint Infusion tea, Peppermint tea, aloe vera juice, peanut butter etc. These products can be a healthy addition to your meal.