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Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones turn weak and fragile. People with osteoporosis have an increased risk of fractures even from minor falls. It is the most common reason for broken bones, especially in old age. It is a silent bone-thinning condition. Your body loses too much mineral bone density in this condition. As the old adage says ‘You are what you eat’, your bone health is also largely dependent on your diet.  There are certain foods rich in nutrients required for bone health, these foods help fend off this disease.

Both men and women can get this disease, but post-menopausal women are at higher risk of suffering from this disease. All known that calcium is an essential mineral to strengthen the bone, but they are more than dozens of other nutrients that can help fight this disease. The dairy industry has well-marketed calcium for healthy bones, but there are several other nutrients required along with calcium for taking care of your bone. Taking preventive measures the key to combat this disease. Foods for osteoporosis rich in Vitamin D can help your body absorb and retain calcium. For a healthy bone, it is necessary to maintain healthy bone density.If a more mineral is lost than consumed, you can suffer from this disease. So the basic way to prevent this is to eat more mineral than you use. Magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, Vitamin A and C are also required to prevent bone loss. The best way to prevent this disease through food is by consuming a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of healthy nutrients. Along with this, you also need to focus on foods for osteoporosis that can lower your mineral density. The foods to avert or reduce in consumption includes sodium rich foods, highly acidic food, soda’s and alcohol. You need to make sure that your diet is sufficient of vital bone building nutrients. If not, either include some foods rich in nutrient or pop some pills. You should never miss your daily nutrient intake, it could be fatal for you, especially in the old age. A diet which is a combination of healthy foods and required supplements is best to avert this disease.

Our category of osteoporosis preventing foods includes Brazil Nuts , Almonds and much more. We also have certain nutraceuticals that can help maintain healthy bone and thus avert this disease.

Include these foods for osteoporosis and tablets in your daily diet and make sure that your bones are strong throughout your lifetime.