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Grandma's Molasses Gold 355ml


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Grandma’s Molasses is high quality, un-sulfured made from sugar cane. It is America’s trusted molass.....

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Organic BlackStrap Molasses 600gm

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Please expect some amount of leakage, this product is not leak proof.   Blackstrap Molass.....

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Grapeseed oil is extracted from seeds of grapes which were originally discarded during the winemakin.....

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Dr Patkar's Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml


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Dr. Patkar’s Apple Cider Vinegar is the primary product of Dr. Patkar’s ACV range which is complet.....

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Biotrex Revival F women multivitamin minerals are tablets that contain all the necessary nutrients f.....

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Hair is your crowning glory and nowadays there are many factors in the environment around us that ne.....

The secret for nourished and shining hair is sadly not in your heavy priced makeup kit but in your healthy diet. What you apply to your tresses matter, but your foods matters more. You need to feed your hairs inside out. Hair is composed mainly of keratin, which is a protein. The inner layer of hairs contains melanin that gives hair its natural color and the outer layer is called as cuticle which protects the hair. Eating a variety of nutrients can help you get the mane you always dreamed of. Your diet should be loaded with vital amino acids and protein. Iron and Zinc help in the proper growth of hair follicles; hence, you need to eat a hair care foods diet rich in both these minerals at least twice a week. Vitamin D, the sunlight vitamin also supports healthy hair growth. Vitamin B is involved in the creation of RBC which helps carry important nutrients to all the parts of your body including hair. Of all the B vitamins, biotin is the one most vital for proper hair growth. Iron is a vital protein of blood protein hemoglobin which transports the nutrients. Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin for hair heath. It helps the body absorb and use non-heme iron, which is an iron found in vegetables. So if you are a vegetarian, you need to monitor your intake of Vitamin C along with iron, or else the nonheme iron is of no use to the body. Besides this, Vitamin C is also important in forming collagen which holds everything in your body.

Hair growth can be affected by zinc deficiency, protein deficiency, and anemia. It can also be linked with several hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy, menopause, PCOS etc. If you have certain nutritional deficiency your hairs might turn brittle, shed or can lose its natural luster. If your body is facing a deficit of Vitamin B, your cells can starve which can lead to weak hairs, prone to breaking easily. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia which has a devastating effect on the entire body including hairs. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to weak hair follicles. Even minor deficiencies of this vitamin can lead to dry hairs that are prone to easy breakage. Low levels of zinc can lead to dandruff. Low or NO carb diet can also affect healthy hair growth. Besides diet, even more, hair massages with natural, nutritious oil are vital for supplying nutrients to the roots of the hair to ensure proper growth.

Our category of hair care foods includes several nutritionally rich foods that can help provide vital nutrients required for healthy and lustrous hair. Our array of food includes brazil nuts, oyster sauce, ACV , certain supplements etc. We also have certain oils such as tea tree oil which can help enhance the texture of your externally. Changing your diet now or applying oils today will affect only new growth, not the part of the hair that is already visible. Also, you need to take care of hair externally by at least washing it properly, applying oils and daily combing it.

Let not your bad hair day turn to days or week by including healthy natural hair care food products in your diet and health care regime.