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We only get a single pair of eyes, hence it is important to take care of them. Eyes are the mirror to your soul, and they sure need to be healthy, so that your everyday work is carried out properly. We often take our vision for granted, since we are born with it, but simply close your eyes for a minute and try to stroll around, you will surely understand how life is difficult without a proper vision.

One of the best thing you can do for your eyes has a healthy meal. Protecting your eyes indeed starts from what goes on your plate. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, Vitamin C and E can protect your vision and prevent age-related vision problems . While cataract or macular degeneration seem like a must-have problem in old age, it can be prevented with proper nutrition laden diet. Foods rich in antioxidants are also an important part of vision care diet since they nourish your visionary cells and combat the free radicals that often cause damage to the underlying cells and tissues. From your childhood days, you may have heard the rattle about carrots for good vision health. Carrots are surely vision protecting food, but they don’t have a monopoly for the same. Foods for Eye Care rich in minerals like zinc and selenium are vital to protecting the retina which is the sensitive black part of the eye. Fatty acids can ensure adequate moisture in eyes and prevent the condition of dry eyes. Vitamin ACE ie A, C, and E is a fitting acronym when it comes to proper vision. Bump up your nutritional intake and select the foods rich in necessary vitamins , minerals, and fats to maintaining healthy eyes.

Our category of foods for eye care provides healthy foods rich in the vision protecting nutrients. Our array of foods for eye care includes Walnut Oil, Pettis Pois and baby carrots and many more products. We also have certain supplements that can provide essential nutrients vital for proper vision.

Add these Foods for eye care in your healthy diet and get a scoop of vision-protecting nutrients.