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True Elements Oolong Tea 50gm

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True Elements Dried Blueberries 150gm

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Ayam Tuna Chilli Tomato 185gm

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A healthy brain is much needed for a healthy body. While you take immense care of your body, externally as well as internally, you often ignore the health of the brain. Externally, you can reduce the stress, unwind yourself sometimes, to maintain healthy brains, but internally you can do a lot for your mastermind.  You need to eat brain foods for maintaining a healthy brain, just like your heart, liver or skin, your brain also needs nutrients and the only way you can supply these nutrients is through food.

Just like any other organ, your grey matter cannot work without proper energy supply. The ability to focus comes from an adequate supply of long lasting energy in the form of glucose. You can get enough of this by choosing foods with LOW GI, which releases glucose slowly into the blood stream, supplies long lasting energy and can keep you focused. Brain Foods rich in omega fatty acids can maintain healthy grey matter. These are even linked to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.  Antioxidant foods can help combat the free radicals which affect the brain cells and causes cognitive decline. Vitamin E , a potent antioxidant is vital to protect the neurons and prevent cognitive deterioration. Folate may also protect the brain, though its role in brain protecting is unclear, certain research claims that it helps in lowering the level of homocysteine. High levels of this amino acid may lead to the death of neuron. Foods rich in Vitamin B, K and also several minerals can benefit your grey matter, by sharpening the memory, encourage good blood flow, reducing the risk of memory decline , increases mental agility and benefiting your grey matter. Also, there are certain foods and beverages which are stress- busters. They reduces the stress and strain and make us feel happy, thus relatively decreasing the strain on our grey matter.

There is no denying that as we age, our body ages with us and so does the brain. But research has shown that eating a well-balanced diet of smart foods rich in nutrients can increase your chances of maintaining healthy brain and reduces the risk of mental diseases or cognitive decline.

Our category of brain foods includes an array of smart foods. These foods can maintain healthy grey matter. There is an important link between nutrients and brain health, which cannot be ignored. Having a nourishing, well-rounded diet is the best way to protect your brain, boost its health and avoid mental diseases.

Have a scoop of our brain foods every day to fuel your brain, keep your mind alert, reduce stress and reduce the risk of cognitive decline.